The Body of an Olympian

Welcome back, me!  Most importantly, welcome back to any loyal readers who are still hanging around!  After a brief hiatus, I’m ready to pick up the baton, the pole vault, the hockey stick–fill in the blank with whatever metaphor you wish.

As I began to dust off my gear and return to some hardcore training (We have an Olympics coming up in just under 90 days, folks!), I came across this series of photos shared by a Facebook friend.  This series by photographer Howard Schatz not only reminds us of the vastly different body types required for the various sports, but it celebrates the diversity of sport and humankind–something that the 2014 host country doesn’t (sadly) embrace.  The photo series includes former and current Olympians, paralympians, and athletes from other sport genres.

Coubertin is famously quoted as saying of the Olympics “All sports for all people.”  I think we can also add a new one:  All body types for all sports.  What do you think?





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2 responses to “The Body of an Olympian

  1. Leon Lee

    Interesting.  In some cases I can guess which sport they are in!

    Error:  Par 2 “any Olympics”  > “an Olympics”

  2. I’m dreaming to have this fit and also to be an Olympian. But I know discipline is the key to achieve this body and I will soon. :) Thanks mate for sharing… at least i’m inspired now!

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